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Sept. 7, 2020

YouTube Content Creators Live with Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin and Daniel Batal

YouTube Content Creators Live with Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin and Daniel Batal

StreamYard Connect Ep41

YouTube Content Creators Live featuring Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin and Daniel Batal. It's a special episode of StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand. We welcome these outstanding YouTube content creators to the StreamYard lineup.

▶️Interview with new StreamYard creator Roberto Blake: https://youtu.be/7w4rD_i8_L0.

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On StreamYardConnect, Nick Nimmin, Dee Nimmin and Daniel Batal talk with Ross Brand about the content they will be creating for StreamYard and why they recommend StreamYard for YouTube Live streams.


📌 Nick Nimmin: https://YouTube.com/NickNimmin

📌 Dee Nimmin: https://YouTube.com/DeeNimmin

📌 Daniel Batal: https://YouTube.com/DanielBatalCreate

📌 Ross Brand: https://YouTube.com/LivestreamUniverse


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Nick Nimmin is YouTube Certified and has been on YouTube actively since 2014. Over that time he's helped countless others grow their presence online through content and consulting services. He's the owner of TuberTools.com where creators can get video graphics and more for their videos. He co-hosts Nimmin Live with his brother Dee Nimmin on Saturdays at 9am ET.


Dee Nimmin's channel provides everything you need to know about mobile phone video production, mobile live streaming, smart phone audio, and how to use the best creative apps on both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices to be a mobile content creator and Youtuber. He co-hosts Nimmin Live with his brother Nick Nimmin on Saturdays at 9am ET.


Daniel Batal helps Creators make better content in order to grow their YouTube channels. He's a Content Creator & professional Channel Consultant at DanielBatal.com. Daniel also works for TubeBuddy as their official "Crash Test Dummy," taking their products through the real world paces and providing insights on developing features.


Ross Brand is an NYC-based live streaming professional who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions. Prior to livestreaming, Ross worked as an on-air radio host, anchor and reporter.

Originally livestreamed to the StreamYard Facebook page and YouTube channel (2.5K views)