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March 11, 2020

Why Podcasters Should Livestream with NIel Guilarte of Cinema Voz

Why Podcasters Should Livestream with NIel Guilarte of Cinema Voz

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StreamYard Connect Ep21:

Niel Guilarte joins Ross Brand to share his thoughts on why podcasters should be live streaming and discuss the recent Cinema Voz international voiceover micro-conference at Podfest.

Niel also talks about how audio and video content creators can standout.

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Guest: Niel Guilarte of Cinema Voz

Host: Ross Brand

Sponsor: StreamYard

Originally broadcast on the StreamYard Facebook Page (2K views)

Niel J. GuilarteProfile Photo

Niel J. Guilarte

Wildstyle Media Group, LLC

Niel is an award winning digital media/content producer, director and editor. Niel specializes in high end media creation and post production as well as working with entrepreneurs and creatives in developing and bringing their visions to life. He does this via full audio / video production and post production for television, video, online, indie film, video blogging, podcasting and audio creation.

Niel is the host of the weekly post production podcast All Things Post, co-host of the View From Within coaching podcast and is a founding member of The Florida Podcasters Association. In 2020 Niel co-founded the CinemaVoz bilingual podcast and voice over conference and has launch the new automotive YouTube channel PROJEKT99.