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May 9, 2017

Vicki Fitch: How to Sell on Livestreaming Platforms

Vicki Fitch: How to Sell on Livestreaming Platforms

Episode 66 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, podcaster, livestreaming interview host and direct sales expert Vicki Fitch talked about her entrepreneurial career, her work as a business coach and her success in the direct sales field. She offered tips on selling online, including on live video, and discussed the reasons why some people struggle in asking for the sale. Vicki also shared her approach to livestreaming and podcasting for building relationships and growing your business.

Vicki has been in the direct sales industry for more than 19 years and has been Top 10 in Sales & Recruiting Internationally for more than 10 years all while raising a family including a son with Asperger’s.

She is an Author, Speaker and very notably a Business Coach helping others to follow their dreams and not allow the naysayers to provide excuses that it can’t be done when you have challenging circumstances. She brings a unique perspective to life, business and raising a family that offers hope and encouragement to the world and the entrepreneur.

Vicki hosts two weekly podcasts: He Said, Red Said and Vicki Fitch Live: A Fresh Perspective. She discusses difficult a variety of topics including Autism & Asperger’s.

She is the Community Liaison for the Stowell Learning Center that is designed to help remediate learning disabilities and she is passionate about seeing outside the box and developing creative ways to help people embrace challenges with learning and ASD by making them cool and creative. Reminding parents they aren’t broken and neither are their kids.

Find Vicki on Twitter: @Vicki_Fitch.