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June 10, 2020

Unleash Your Voice with Jodi Krangle

Unleash Your Voice with Jodi Krangle

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StreamYard Connect Ep28:

On StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand, Voice Actor Jodi Krangle joins us to share tips on using your voice to effectively communicate your message while live streaming. Jodi talks about how to employ vocal technique, proper use of gear and preparation to deliver your content with authority.

Jodi Krangle is a professional voice actor and the winner of the 2018 SOVAS Award for Outstanding Narration Demo. She hosts the podcast "Audio Branding: The Hidden Gem of Marketing."

Jodi provides a world-class sound for brands in the healthcare, corporate, hospitality, political, and non-profit sectors, among others. She's worked with Dell, Bose, BBVA, Subway, Steinmart, Bissell, Unisom, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Kraft, Visit Orlando, HGTV, and more.

About StreamYard Connect:

StreamYard Connect highlights the different ways talented professionals use live streaming to communicate with customers, connect to new career opportunities and attract candidates to fill job openings. Plus we cover news and technology updates…and the production techniques that power successful live broadcasts. Hosted by Ross Brand and sponsored by StreamYard, a browser-based app that makes it easy to produce professional-looking livestreams. Join us on Wednesdays at 2pm ET for StreamYard Connect.

Guest: Jodi Krangle, Voice Actor

Host: Ross Brand

Sponsor: StreamYard

Originally broadcast on the StreamYard Facebook Page (3.6K views)

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Jodi Krangle

Piece of Cake Voiceovers

Jodi Krangle has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA and Kraft. She’s also a singer with her own album of jazz, blues and traditional tunes (jodikranglemusic.com} and has studied sound and how it influences people (her podcast on the subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing).