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Oct. 5, 2020

Traveling Gluten Free with Elikqitie

Traveling Gluten Free with Elikqitie

On Episode 37 of Livestream Deals, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with Elikqitie, author of The Guide to Traveling Gluten Free, about her book and the challenges of traveling when you have dietary restrictions. Elikqitie shares tips for those needing to avoid gluten as they travel.

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A native of Philadelphia, Elikqitie grew up eating the staple cultural foods in her city of origin, such as cheesesteaks, Tastycakes, and soft pretzels. While Celiac Disease has changed her eating habits a bit, she is still a foodie at heart!

While living the gluten-free lifestyle can be quite challenging, Elikqitie takes on these challenges to continue to live her life, enjoying travel, and exploring delectable new foods. Her love of travel mixed with her continual drive for staying on the cutting edge of health has led her to blend her passion and creativity in publishing her podcast "Travel Gluten Free." By combining great interviews and informational monologue, she shares her "how-to" for living a gratifying, gluten-free life. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with our gluten-free community.

Elikqitie is based in Park City, UT, within driving distance to the world's largest ski resort and five of the most beautiful National Parks the US has to offer! She loves frolicking in the outdoors and enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, and the multitude of outdoor activities Utah offers. Her central location in the US provides many opportunities to travel to magnificent places where she discovers new gluten-free bakeries, products, and extraordinary people!


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