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June 11, 2018

Switcher Studio Launches Switcher for Brands

Switcher Studio Launches Switcher for Brands

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Monday, June 11th, 2018.

Marc Gawith spearheaded the growth of .LIVE domains into popular branding assets for live streamers during his time at Rightside. Five months ago, Marc joined Switcher Studio. On LivestreamDeals, he talked about his new role with the iOS live video production app.

Why has Switcher Studio become the choice for so many mobile live streamers?

You can hear the entire interview with Marc Gawith on the Livestream Universe Facebook page. Also featured in this episode of #LivestreamDeals: Claudia Barberio and Dan Pisarski of LiveU, Andrew Haley of Wirecast and Madalyn Sklar of the Video Like a Rockstar Mastermind.

On today’s viewing schedule:

At 3pm ET, Owen Video hosts BeLive Weekly. That’s on the BeLive TV Facebook page.

At 9pm ET, it’s “Ask Mike Murphy.” Mike takes your tech and podcasting questions at the Mike Murphy LLC Facebook page.

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Mark Gawith is the Director of Business Development for Resi Media. He has been involved in live video streaming for 7 years having worked in consumer and enterprise livestreaming, from being a creator to now working with one of the top delivery platforms.