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Jan. 11, 2019

Switcher Studio: Bring in Live Guests with Video Chat

Switcher Studio: Bring in Live Guests with Video Chat

Switcher Studio 2019: Bring in Live Guests with Video Chat.

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On Livestream Deals, Switcher Inc. VP Marc Gawith talks with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe about Switcher Studio, a leading mobile live video production app that enables you to go live using iOS devices. Switcher Studio 4.0 now adds the ability to bring in guests from outside the local WiFi network using the Video Chat Extension. Guests can join with a link via any device with a cellular or internet connect.


Switcher Studio helps you create the live videos you envision — with devices you already own. Sync up to 9 iPhones and iPads for multicam video, insert titles and graphics, edit live, and stream anywhere. Free trial: https://www.switcherstudio.com/#_r_ross67


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Marc Gawith


Mark Gawith is the Director of Business Development for Resi Media. He has been involved in live video streaming for 7 years having worked in consumer and enterprise livestreaming, from being a creator to now working with one of the top delivery platforms.