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June 7, 2019

StreamYard Update 2019: New Features for Live Streaming with Geige Vandentop

StreamYard Update 2019: New Features for Live Streaming with Geige Vandentop

Welcome to Episode 23 (Ep23) of the Livestream Deals podcast, I’m Ross Brand of Livestream Universe. Our guest is StreamYard CEO Geige Vandentop. StreamYard is the browser-based live-streaming app I’ve been using — and loving — since the beginning of 2019.

StreamYard is highly professional and yet easy to use. Geige and his business partner, Dan, have been rolling out new feature and I’m excited to learn more about about those features and future plans tor StreamYard.

Topics covered include:

3 Pillars of StreamYard

Audio and video quality

Use cases for StreamYard

Mobile access

Brief Video Clips — Intros/Outros

Playing longer pre-recorded clips as screen share

New branding options

▶️ Get STREAMYARD: http://LivestreamUniverse.com/StreamYard


StreamYard is a live video production studio in your browser that makes it easy to host and distribute professional-looking livestream broadcasts to social media platforms. StreamYard stands out for it’s feature set and high quality of audio and video, even when there are up to six people on separate video feeds. The video you are watching was created with StreamYard.


▶️ How to Livestream with STREAMYARD: https://youtu.be/Nc89AOQAqZc

▶️ How to add Video Clips on STREAMYARD: https://youtu.be/2o2PCZr8ZSE

▶️ How to use Wirecast Virtual Camera with STREAMYARD: https://youtu.be/_AfqggXa89Y

▶️ Live Video App Reviews: https://youtu.be/nr-2FLTpzkMLINKS




Originally livestreamed on the Livestream Universe Facebook Page and YouTube Channel as part of a multi-segment show and then this segment was subsequently uploaded to YouTube. (3.4K views).

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Geige Vandentop

StreamYard CEO

Geige Vandentop is the co-founder and CEO of StreamYard