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April 6, 2018

Social Media Week Lima, Ohio: Midwest's Largest Social Media Conference

Social Media Week Lima, Ohio: Midwest's Largest Social Media Conference

LIVESTREAM DEALS Ep 002 (Social Media Week Lima, Ohio)

We’re talking about the Midwest’s largest social media conference with founder Jessika Phillips.

Welcome to Episode 002 of the Livestream Deals podcast, I’m Ross Brand. June 20th and 21st is Social Media Week Lima, Ohio. This year’s theme is the Human Experience, taking emerging technologies and pairing them with relationship marketing. I’m honored to be speaking on the Live Video Panel along with Mia Voss, Brian Fanzo and Kate Volman. Other speakers include the husband and wife tandem of Brian Kramer and Courtney Smith Kramer, Cathy Hackl, Carlos Gil, Mike Allton, Demian Ross, Tiffany Lanier, Mike Gingrich and many more.

Since I spoke with Jessika, they’ve added a topic on running a Facebook group around a passion to create a profit. Also, Social Media Week Lima is kicking off the10-day, 3-conference #RoadtoSocial trip with social media influencers traveling from Lima, Ohio to Wichita, Kansas and then Denver, Colorado for Social Media Day Denver at the end of the month. I get the feeling there might just be a few livestreams along the way!


You can save $50 on the ticket price at http://SocialLima.com/. Use the code NOW50. This is not a sponsored or affiliate link. I’m super excited for the conference as Jessika and her team do a first-class job in creating an awesome experience for attendees.


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Jessika Phillips

NOW Marketing Group President

Jessika Phillips is an award-winning marketing strategist known for her outspoken dedication to relationship marketing. Jessika helps brands organically build sustainable, craveable, and profitable businesses by out-CARE-ing the competition. Founder of NOW Marketing Group and the Relationship Marketing System. Jessika has been named the go-to expert on Relationship Marketing & has built a team of 16+ who serve over 100 global brands. Jessika is often asked to share her knowledge and insight as an industry-leading influencer. Jessika also gives back to her community and welcomes 300+ attendees and world-renowned speakers to her Social Media Week Lima conference annually. She is one who leads from the heart to help others love more, give more and be more every day.