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Jan. 9, 2017

Sharing Your Personal Story on Live Video with Jennifer Quinn 'JennyQ'

Sharing Your Personal Story on Live Video with Jennifer Quinn 'JennyQ'

Episode 49 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, talk-show host and interviewer Jennifer Quinn of The Jenny Q Show discussed her decision to share her personal story on livestreaming. She also talked about creating Facebook Live’s first variety show and her journey as a livestreamer from Periscope and Blab to her latest work on Facebook Live.

Jennifer Quinn is an early adopter of social media. She has long been fascinated with what makes people tick. Jennifer has translated this curiosity into a career by helping small business owners understand and leverage the power of online social platforms.

Since 2012, she has helped hundreds of businesses make the leap from passive bystander to engaged benefactor, not only helping them build a loyal and dedicated following, but also helping them turn those fans into buying customers.

In 2015, Jennifer started hosting shows on Live Video (Livestreaming) originating with “The DailyQ Show”, an online interview show where she explored the lives of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, solopreneurs, and other individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their field. She later created Facebook Live’s first variety show, The Jenny Q Show, and currently hosts Ignite Your Life Tuesday afternoons with Sheli G.

Find Jennifer on Twitter: @JennyQ.

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Jennifer Quinn, known by her followers as JennyQ, is a podcaster, digital marketing expert, live-streaming pro and champion of her life story. She helps companies “Be Seen” with compelling video-driven content. Now, she’s using those talents to help individuals “Be Seen” with resources to transform their life. Join the journey to learn how “Being Seen” can empower your evolution.