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Aug. 25, 2017

Roker Media’s Outlook on Livestreaming with Jon Burk

Roker Media’s Outlook on Livestreaming with Jon Burk

Episode 75 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, Jon Burk of Roker Media (now Al Roker Entertainment) discussed the challenges facing livestreaming content creators trying to monetize their live video shows through advertising and sponsorships. He said that Roker Media is now approaching livestreaming as a utility to promote and support other media programming rather than the content for destination viewing on social media.

We also covered the future of livestreaming events such as the New Fronts and Summit Live, a potential second season for Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show and what it’s like working with legendary broadcasting personality Al Roker.

Jon Burk is the Director of Content Marketing & Digital Strategy for Al Roker Entertainment & Roker Media, a New York-based production company specializing in unscripted factual reality, full-length television programs, branded entertainment, live streaming, and digital content.

Since 2012, Jon has been responsible for adding the digital and social broadcasting elements to the slate of traditional media TV programs and branded content produced by Al Roker Entertainment.

In 2016, Jon played a key role in the founding of Roker Media to dive deeper into data-driven digital content creation and consumption, expanding Roker’s live streaming & social broadcasting capabilities, and embarking on a mission to create quality short and mid form premium video content for brands and storytellers.

Jon is a featured speaker on marketing and content creation at such major industry events as VidCon, Playlist Live, Summit Live and Streaming Media West 2017. He also has extensive experience in the music industry managing the retail marketing direction for leading music labels including Capital Records, EMI and BMG.

Find Jon on Twitter: @MrJonBurk.

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Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

Jon Burk is the director of digital strategy & marketing for award-winning Al Roker Entertainment, managing the production and activation of digital content and social video for TV programs and branded entertainment produced by the company.