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March 3, 2021

Quiet Influence Panel: Introverts and Social Media

Quiet Influence Panel: Introverts and Social Media

StreamYard Connect Ep61

It’s a panel on introverts and social media on StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand. Learn how introverts & others can exert quiet influence on social media while conserving their time and energy.

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YouTube Video Chapters

00:00:00​ Intro

00:02:41​ Where has Ross been?

00:03:50​ Streamyard acquired by Hopin

00:07:50​ Legendary rapper to guest on StreamYard Connect.

00:09:47​ What Hopin acquisition means for StreamYard users.

00:10:23​ Instagram launches Live Rooms

00:12:35​ Maestro livestreaming platform gets $15M in funding

00:13:25​ Live streaming to end poaching in South Africa.

00:14:30​ What is Vtubing?

00:15:30​ Snoop Dogg rage quits live stream

00:17:29​ Quietly Influential Summit

00:18:30​ Podfest Global Summit

00:20:09​ Guest introductions: Nancy Ancowitz, Matthew Pollard, Valerie Morris

00:24:38​ Introverts and Social Media

00:25:00​ How Matthew Pollard engages as an introvert

00:26:28​ How Introverts can be successful at public speaking

00:27:42​ How to manage social promotion

00:28:11​ Valerie Morris on creating systems

00:30:24​ Importance of Foundational Posts

00:31:17​ Scheduling Content

00:32:00​ Content Calendars

00:33:50​ Develop systems for social promotion

00:36:01​ Content strategy: Where to focus

00:36:16​ Identify 3 major problems in your niche

00:36:39​ Plan 6 months of content

00:37:00​ Managing engagement

00:37:26​ Engagement depends on your niche

00:39:20​ How to provide value when engaging

00:39:30​ How content builds relationships

00:40:12​ Where do you start with social media?

00:42:01​ How do you want to be known?

00:43:06​ Things you must do online

00:44:05​ Ross Brand’s Portfolio Method for social media

00:45:00​ Introverts and Perfectionism

00:46:30​ Introverts and Clubhouse

00:47:11​ Clubhouse strategy

00:48:01​ Stop making it about you

00:52:41​ Social media automation

00:53:13​ How to write a great LinkedIn Bio

00:54:07​ Nancy Ancowitz: Start with your audience first

00:55:28​ Twitter Bio & Instagram Bio

00:56:10​ How to save time when posting on multiple platforms

00:58:09​ Content for & about your audience

00:00:58​ Social scheduling, management & analytics tools

00:59:12​ Agorapulse, GMail scheduling, Website traffic, Email subscribers

1:04:30​ Lineup of Streamyard Shows & Creators 

🎤 Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz is a coach specializing in career advancement and presentation skills, an NYU adjunct professor and the author of “Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.” She blogs for Psychology Today and used to blog for Salary.com.

📌 Website: https://www.NancyAncowitz.com

📌 Book: Self-Promotion for Introverts®: https://amzn.to/3aXHFiI

📌 LinkedIn: https://www.LinkedIn.com/In/NancyAncowitz

📌 Psychology Today blog: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/contributors/nancy-ancowitz

🎤 Matthew Pollard

Matthew is the founder of Rapid Growth, LLC and co-host of the upcoming virtual Quietly Influential Summit: Helping Introvert Business Owners Develop a Personal Brand Business That’s In-flow With Their Energy and Personality, March 15-19. Bestselling author of “The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone.”

📌 Website: https://www.MatthewPollard.com

📌 Quietly Influential Summit: https://quietlyinfluentialsummit.com/?ref=rossbrand

📌 Book: The Introvert’s Edge — Sales: https://amzn.to/3sCHlfx

📌 Book: The Introvert’s Edge — Networking: https://amzn.to/3r7qyks

🎤 Valerie Morris

Valerie Morris is the author of “We’re All Ears: How to increase your impact, influence, and success online in a noisy world,” a featured guest on Fox affiliate stations in Denver and Colorado Springs, and a contributor to Social Media Examiner.

📌 Website: https://www.tinterocreative.com/

📌 Book: We’re All Ears: https://amzn.to/2NOudoB

📌 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valerielmorris/

📌 Social Media Examiner articles: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/author/valerie-morris/

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Ross Brand is a live streamer who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, brand ambassador for Wirecast, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions, including StreamYard, BeLive and LiveU.

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Guests: Nancy Ancowitz, Valerie Morris, Matthew Pollard

Host: Ross Brand

Sponsor: StreamYard

Originally broadcast on the StreamYard Facebook Page and YouTube Channel (1.6K views)

Nancy AncowitzProfile Photo

Nancy Ancowitz

Self-Promotion for Introverts®

Nancy Ancowitz is a coach specializing in career advancement and presentation skills, an NYU adjunct professor and the author of “Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.” She blogs for Psychology Today and used to blog for Salary.com.

Valerie MorrisProfile Photo

Valerie Morris

Tintero Creative

Valerie Morris is a content marketing and social media expert. She and her team help clients create authority-building content to grow their brand awareness. Valerie is also a published author, public speaker and trainer, and active member in the digital marketing community. She also gives back through intern programs, industry organizations, and events to help students grow in their professions as well.