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Aug. 8, 2017

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Video with Professor Nez

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Video with Professor Nez

Episode 70 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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#NezNation Live host, author and university instructor Professor Nez talks about the potential benefits of using LinkedIn video and the pitfalls to avoid. We also discusses managing your career in the digital age and the Professor’s decision to go all-in on Live Video.

Professor Nez is the host of #NezNation Live airing twice weekly on Facebook Live. In addition to interviews, he delivers solo and micro video content on such platforms as Instagram and Twitter/Periscope mixing educational, inspirational and fun topics.

Nez is a writing professor and the author of several short works, including The Smiling Man and The Indelible Stamina of Mason Muslevitch, and has published many works of poetry in distinguished journals such as The Hudson Review and The Southern Journal. His most recent book is A Conversation with Fear.

Professor Nez teaches university courses on Social Media for Business, Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Effective Communication, Team Dynamic and Growth Mindsets and runs a career mastermind group

Find Professor Nez on Twitter: @ProfessorNez.

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Professor Nez is a content creator, business owner and real-world educator with over four million views across multiple channels and mediums including live-streaming, VOD (Video on Demand) short-form content and more.