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Aug. 6, 2019

Podcast Movement 2019 Preview

Podcast Movement 2019 Preview

#RossBrandLive Ep3 on #LinkedInLive

Let's talk about Podcast Movement, coming up August 13-16. I discuss my plans to get the most out of the conference and how you can as well.

Mentioned in this episode:

** Congrats to Chetachi Egwu, Ph.D. on 4 years of the livesteam show MediaScope, produced by Curtis Brooks

** Recommended LinkedIn Live: Cher Jones hosts #JustAskCher, 9pm ET, TUES

Mentioned for Podcasting:

** Mike Murphy, Addy Saucedo, Simplecast

** Chris Curran, Podcast Engineering School

** Jennifer Crawford, Podbean, DC Podfest

** Chris Krimitsos, Podfest Multimedia Expo

** Sound Devices, LLC (Joel Pare)

** Dave Jackson, Libsyn

** Jim Collison (The Average Guy TV)

** Laura Davidson, Shure Incorporated

** Rodger Cloud, Cloud Microphones

** Electro-Voice Official

** Ralph M. Rivera, Podcaster's Toolbox

** Michelle Miller Levitt, Heil Sound, Ltd.

** Hani Mourra, Repurpose

** Spreaker

** Laura Petersen, Copy That Pops

** Brad Friedman (Inbound Marketing Book), Steve Stewart (Podcast Editors FB Group)

** Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (Joe Pardo)

** Yellowtech, Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited, SquadCast.fm, Hindenburg Systems ApS, BSW - Broadcast Supply Worldwide, Rebel Base Media

** Amy Woods, Content 10x


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