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Oct. 3, 2020

Plant-Based Cooking on Live Video with Chef Daniella Malfitano

Plant-Based Cooking on Live Video with Chef Daniella Malfitano

On Episode 36 of Livestream Deals, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with plant-based chef Danellia Malfitano about her Plant-Based Made Easy live streaming show and cookbook. Daniella demonstrates how to make a plant-based flatbread piadina.

📌 Plant-Based Made Easy (Cookbook): https://bit.ly/33SfkWq

📌 Plant-Based Made Easy (Live Show): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtEEx5k_e5biQ3BKMgrQ9hg


📌 Show Website & Products: https://LivestreamDeals.com

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Daniella is a multi-faceted, entertainer, culinary thought leader, health and mindfulness advocate and classically trained chef. She is a producer for many well-known brands including The Walt Disney Company, where she can be seen as the host of the Disney California Adventure® Food & Wine Festival each spring! Her passion is in teaching audiences how to cook in order to empower people to choose health. With a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Daniella has been a featured host on television, syndicated radio, podcasts, and on stages throughout the country. She hosts the daily live show, “Plant-Based Made Easy” on Facebook and YouTube.


Ross Brand is an NYC-based live streamer who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, brand ambassador for Wirecast, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions, including StreamYard, BeLive and LiveU. Ross was selected one of 5 Live Video Experts to Follow by Switcher Studio, the Number One Twitter Account for Learning Live Stream Marketing by Amp Live and a Top 25 Video Marketing Influencer by Onalytica. WEBSITE: https://LivestreamUniverse.com.


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Chef Daniella Malfitano

Plant-Based Made Easy

Daniella Malfitano aka Chef “D Malfi”is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, media entertainer, culinary thought leader, health and wellness advocate and classically trained chef. She is a producer, writer, director, set designer and host of several on-stage, online, and televised shows her including her own in-park cooking edutainment family-friendly in-park shows (2016-2020) for The Disney California Adventure® Food & Wine Festival, her online shows “Plant-Based Made Easy” (2020/2021) and “My Choice Kitchen” (2019), and formerly her PBS travel and cooking series “Delicious Discoveries” (2011).