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Nov. 4, 2018

Pioneering Live Streaming in the Enterprise with Nicole Sanchez

Pioneering Live Streaming in the Enterprise with Nicole Sanchez

Episode 006:

On Brand on Broadcasting with Ross Brand, we talk with Nicole Sanchez about how she build a strong live streaming presence for Cisco on social media, including more than a million views on Facebook. We also discuss the challenges of pioneering live streaming at a big organization and how to overcome resistance. 

Episode 006 was recorded live and in-person at #VidSummit2018 in Los Angeles, powered by the LiveU Solo. Visit http://LivestreamUniverse.com/resources for more on the LiveU Solo.

Nicole Sanchez is a live video creator and host, video marketing and social media strategist, presentation design and development expert. Clients include Cisco, HPE and Night Ranger. She believes that video changes how companies engage with their audience and is the best way to build a relationship with their buying audience.

Nicole draws on years of experience in both sales and business development along with extensive experience in various worldwide marketing communications roles including all aspects of social media, hosting live video events and presentation development. She helps her clients standout from today's digital noise, by investing in telling their story and building their digital presence. 

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About Ross Brand

Ross Brand is a pioneer in the livestreaming field as both a prolific content creator and thought-leader exploring the different ways to leverage live video to grow your business or brand.

Named the world’s number 1 livestreaming expert to follow on social media by Klout and selected as one of “5 live video experts to follow” by Switcher Studio, Ross made the successful transition from terrestrial radio to live streaming, founding LivestreamUniverse.com to empower other live video creators by showcasing their content through updates and shows.

Ross also runs the LivestreamDeals.com website and creates audio content for podcasts and Alexa Flash Briefings. Find him on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

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Nicole Sanchez


Nicole Sanchez is currently a video producer and YouTube strategist for Snowflake and has consulted with tech companies such as Cisco and HPE. Nicole is also an avid live-streamer and YouTube content creator and runs her channel YayOrNayNicole.