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Aug. 5, 2018

Outsourcing Your Audio Editing with Steve Stewart Podcast Productions

Outsourcing Your Audio Editing with Steve Stewart Podcast Productions

LIVESTREAM DEALS Ep 006 (Steve Stewart Podcast Productions)

Steve Stewart and his Facebook Group Members Save You Time by Editing Your Podcasts

Welcome to Episode 006 of the Livestream Deals podcast, I’m Ross Brand. Coming up we talk with podcast editor Steve Stewart about how you can outsource podcast editing to save time and focus on your content.

Steve Stewart provides clients with great sounding audio without the hassle of having to do it themselves. He frees his clients up to spend their time on recording and promoting their podcasts.  He works on the Stacking Benjamins show and Paula Pants’ show, Afford Anything. Steve is a featured speaker at FinCon.

Steve formed the Podcast Editor's Club Facebook Group — now with nearly 3 thousand members — to help other editors get paying jobs editing podcasts. Join me as I sit down with Steve Stewart at Podcast Movement on the final day of the conference in downtown Philadelphia as Steve talks audio editing and production

You can learn more about Steve Stewart Podcast Productions and all products featured on our shows at LivestreamDeals.com.


Chris Curran founded the Podcast Engineering School to share his expertise with others and prepare them for paid work editing, producing and engineering podcasts. He says upgrading your audio quality starts with a mindset change. Enrollment is open for a new program at the Podcast Engineering School starting in September. 

August’s #LivestreamDeals show also included Michelle Miller Levitt from Heil Sound talking about Heil microphones, Laura Petersen, author of Permission to Write a Brand Building Book for Podasters and Armel Beaudry Kimbe, CEO and founder of tremble.fm, which makes it easy to distribute your short-form audio content to smart devices. You can view the full #LivestreamDeals episode below or on the Livestream Universe Facebook page. Learn more about the featured products at LivestreamDeals.com.

Learn more about all the products featured on our shows at LivestreamDeals.com.


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