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Aug. 13, 2018

Optimizing The Listener Experience with Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School

Optimizing The Listener Experience with Chris Curran of Podcast Engineering School

LIVESTREAM DEALS Ep 007 (Podcast Engineering School)

Chris Curran Teaches Podcast Production at the Highest Professional Level at Podcast Engineering School

Welcome to Episode 007 of the Livestream Deals podcast, I’m Ross Brand. Coming up, we talk with Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School about how you can learn to engineer podcasts like a pro and get paid for it. We focus on what to do — and not to do — to provide a pleasurable listening experience for consumers of your podcast…and why the Podcast Engineering School is the place to learn to produce podcasts like a pro.

Chris Curran is the Founder and Lead Instructor at the Podcast Engineering School. He’s also the head of Fractal Recording, a complete podcast production solution for mid-size and large companies. He’s produced podcasts for major enterprise clients such as Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, Johnson & Johnson and many more. He hosts the Podcast Engineering Show and his next episode will be his 100th.

During his career in the music industry, Chris worked at some of the most prestigious recording facilities in the world: The Hit Factory, The Soundtrack Group, and Quad Recording. His many album credits include engineer, producer or assistant engineer roles on projects with Foreigner, Sarah McLachlan, MC Hammer, Itzhak Perlman, Naughty by Nature, Ice Cube, Jeff Buckley, Philip Bailey, Biohazard, God Street Wine, Biggie Smalls, Puffy, Heavy D., Helmet, Monster Magnet, Nuno Bettencourt, Onyx, Quicksand, Savatage and many others.

For anyone interested in landing good paying jobs in podcast production — or professionalizing the audio experience for their own listeners — the Podcast Engineering School teaches audio engineering for podcasts at the highest professional level. The next session starts in September 2018. Learn more and register at https://LivestreamDeals.com/Engineer.

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In addition to Chris Curran, August’s #LivestreamDeals show also included Michelle Miller Levitt from Heil Sound talking about Heil microphones, Laura Petersen, author of Permission to Write a Brand Building Book for Podasters and Armel Beaudry Kimbe, CEO and founder of tremble.fm, which makes it easy to distribute your short-form audio content to smart devices. You can view the full episode at https://Facebook.com/LivestreamUniverse. Learn more about the featured products at https://LivestreamDeals.com.


Not sure where to start when it comes to livestreaming and podcasting gear or need a recommendation for a specific product? Our Livestream Universe Resources page has my recommendations for gear, books, courses, software and more.


Livestream Deals has been a monthly Facebook Live show hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe. Each of those episodes features 4 products or services for live streamers… as well as products of interest to podcasters and online content creators. On the podcast edition, we will focus on one product per episode. Some content will come from our livestream shows and some will be exclusive to the podcast. You can learn more about products featured on the show at https://LivestreamDeals.com.




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Chris Curran

Podcast Engineering School

Chris Curran is an Audio engineer, podcast producer, host of The Podcast Engineering Show, music producer, musician, songwriter, author of Leap Beyond Your Limits. He is the founder & lead instructor at the Podcast Engineering School.