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Feb. 22, 2020

NYC Video Creator Spotlight: Nonye Ojibe of YouTube Channel McFAE

NYC Video Creator Spotlight: Nonye Ojibe of YouTube Channel McFAE

At the February 2020 NYC Video Creator Meetup, Ross Brand of LIvestream Universe talked with Nonye Ojibe, who operates the McFae YouTube Channel. Her focus is on achieving your goals through Law of Attraction principles and self-discipline. McFae stands for Manifestations Come Fast and Easy.

McFae YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkfefRKWWIV-n-_3WqPCpw

Nonye is the winner of the TubeBuddy Legend package provided by February 2020 NYC Video Creator Meetup event sponsor, TubeBuddy, a free browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube and helps you run your channel with ease.

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The NYC Video Creator Meetup and #NYCVideoMastermind were founded by Dan Norton, Dan Currier (Creator Fundamentals), Ross Brand, John DiStefano (U Do It) and Jason Liebman (Jay Liebs) to provide video creators on the East Coast an opportunity to network with, learn from and support fellow YouTubers, livestreamers and video marketers. Since August 2019, we've been meeting monthly in Midtown Manhattan.

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