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Feb. 24, 2020

NYC Video Creator Spotlight: Dan Currier of People of Video Conference

NYC Video Creator Spotlight: Dan Currier of People of Video Conference

At the February 2020 NYC Video Creator Meetup, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talked with Dan Currier about the People of Video Conference, May 2-3, 2020 in Albany, NY.

Learn How To Leverage Online Video to Grow Your Business:

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About People of Video:

The East Coast's premier event for video creators is May 2-3 in Albany, New York. Learn from the experts, in person, and harness the power of online video to reach more people and grow your business. With 21 speakers and 2 full days of the mindset and strategies you need to shift your business and brand into high gear! But it's not just about taking notes... Experience the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people and the synergy it creates to elevate everyone in the room.

▶️Attend the East Coast's premier event for video creators, PEOPLE OF VIDEO, May 2-3, in Albany, NY: http://povtix.cc/Ross

In addition to Dan Currier and Ross Brand, People of Video speakers include Nick Nimmin, Judi Fox, Tim Schmoyer, Brian G. Johnson, Roberto Blake, Renee Teeley, Dale Roberts and Cody Wanner.

About Dan Currier:

Dan Currier provides tips, tech and tutorials in order to simply the YouTube experience and help creators grow at his Creator Fundamentals YouTube channel. With nearly 54k subscribers, Dan goes live everyday Wednesday at 8pm ET. He's also the founder and organizer of the People of Video Conference and co-founder of the NYC Video Creator Meetup.

▶️CREATOR FUNDAMENTALS YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/creatorfundamentals

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About TubeBuddy:

During the interview, Ross and Dan talk about TUBEBUDDY, a free browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube and helps you run your channel with ease. TubeBuddy sponsored the NYC Video Creator Meetup where the video was made and is a sponsor of the People of Video Conference. Andrew Kan and Rob Balasabas of TubeBuddy will be speaking at People of Video.

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About the NYC Video Creator Meetup:

The NYC Video Creator Meetup and NYC Video Mastermind were founded by Dan Norton, Dan Currier (Creator Fundamentals), Ross Brand (Livestream Universe), John DiStefano (U Do It) and Jason Liebman (Jay Liebs) to provide video creators on the East Coast an opportunity to network with, learn from and support fellow YouTubers, livestreamers and video marketers. Since August 2019, we've been meeting monthly in Midtown Manhattan.

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Dan Currier

Currier Media LLC

Dan Currier is the founder of the People of Video Conference and also runs a successful YouTube channel, Creator Fundamentals, which helps creator build revenue around their content. He also offers a course, Influencer100x.com, that shows creators how to leverage Amazon Influencer video to make thousands a month.