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March 10, 2021

Livestream Your Podcast

Livestream Your Podcast

StreamYard Connect Ep62

Going Live author Christoph Trappe discusses why you should live stream your podcast. Make live streaming a competitive advantage for your business. It’s StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand.

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YouTube Video Chapters

00:00:00​ Intro

00:02:50​ Ross Brand on why podcasters should live stream

00:03:30​ Best way to use live streaming to grow your podcast

00:05:13​ First step to adding video to your podcast

00:06:15​ StreamYard makes it easy for podcasters to live stream their podcast

00:07:38​ Guest Christoph Trappe has a new book: “Going Live: Livestream Your podcast to reach more people”

00:08:10​ Upcoming StreamYard Connect guests: Shamir Allibhai of Simon Says AI Transcription and Iconn CEO & rap legend Ja Rule

00:09:48​ 6th-Annual LivestreamUniverse.com Predictions

00:12:06​ NBC News Now expands live streaming news broadcasts

00:13:28​ Gaming and eSports Live Streaming growth and monetization

00:15:14​ Live streaming the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race during the pandemic

00:17:35​ Adam Ezra on 365 days of livestreaming

00:18:25​ Quietly Influential Summit

00:19:22​ Go Live with StreamYard

00:19:43​ Guest Intro: Christoph Trappe

00:21:05​ How to maximize your podcast production

00:22:08​ The biggest hurdle for podcasters thinking about live streaming

00:26:19​ Edit your podcast for the matrix

00:27:34​ Multistreaming your lives stream podcast using a tool like StreamYard

00:34:11​ Book Launch for “Going Live”

00:36:52​ Authentic Storytelling

00:37:16​ Journalistic approach to storytelling

00:39:38​ How to make the most of your content

00:41:08​ Show notes: Yes or No?

00:42:40​ How to rank in search engines without writing an article

00:43:45​ WordPress: Duplicate a published blog post

00:46:26​ Live stream to podcast to article workflow

00:47:40​ Don’t make this mistake with internal podcasting

00:48:43​ Pros and cons of internal podcasts

00:50:10​ B2B vs B2C content: Similarities and differences

00:54:24​ Clubhouse pros and cons — Matthew Pollard

00:56:30​ Foundational content vs social media engagement — Valerie Morris

00:57:40​ How to write a professional bio for LinkedIn — Nancy Ancowitz

00:59:55​ Free registration: Quietly Influential Summit

01:00:30​ StreamYard Schedule of Live Shows


🎤 Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe is the author of the new book “Going Live: Livestream your podcast to reach more people.” He’s a content strategist at Voxpopme and the chief content & marketing officer at The Authentic Storytelling Project. He’s a Top 14 Content Marketer and Top 25 Digital Marketer.

📌 Book: https://amzn.to/3sUdD5M​

📌 Website: https://authenticstorytelling.net/​

📌 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophtrappe/

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Guest: Christoph Trappe

Host: Ross Brand

Sponsor: StreamYard

Originally broadcast on the StreamYard Facebook Page and YouTube Channel (1.8K views)