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Oct. 30, 2020

Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party and Show

Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party and Show

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/s3UItw82FHw

Enjoy the Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party and Show. Ross Brand hosts 60 guests offering predictions for 2021. Includes Ross' biggest, most generous giveaway ever with $13K in prizes from your favorite brands!


Ross’ biggest, most generous giveaway ever celebrating 5 years of Livestream Universe with prizes from StreamYard, TubeBuddy, Uscreen, LiveU, Agorapulse, Focusrite, Libsyn, Poddit, Self-Publishing with Dale, Outlaw Masks, Yay or Nay Nicole, Stream Sense Media, Independent Podcast Conference.


Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Livestream Universe over the past half decade. Five years ago, I started a business focused on livestreaming having never hosted a live video show myself.

More than 700 broadcasts and 500+ interviews later, I am extremely grateful to all the amazing people I’ve connected with through the power of live video and the opportunities that have resulted from going all in on live streaming.

On-camera guests include people who have left their imprint on our Universe through collaborating on live shows & podcasts and contributing to our annual predictions blog posts. Cheers to the next 5 years!

** A special thanks to Beauty Bubble for sharing her advice and professional expertise in event planning and design that proved invaluable in creating the foundation for a successful event.


Ross Brand is a live streaming professional who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions. Prior to live streaming, Ross worked as an on-air radio host, anchor and reporter.

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All giveaways are provided by and shipped from vendors. Products only available in the United States unless arranged with a vendor. Check state-specific rules and regulations. ~Ross

00:00:00 Intro

00:06:32 Audio Begins

00:09:50 Caren Glasser, Todd.Live, Professor Nez, Tim McDonald

00:28:01 Angus Nelson, Dan Currier, Nancy Myrland, Wagner dos Santos

00:50:02 Phil Gerbyshak, Joie Gharrity, John Pretto, Sue-Ann Bubacz

01:07:10 Nancy Ancowitz, Brian Schulman, Dale Roberts (Self-Publishing with Dale)

01:15:39 Chris Krimitsos

01:29:46 Jennifer Quinn, Eddie Garrison, Jim Harold

01:33:29 Victor Cajiao

01:38:53 Andrew Kan (TubeBuddy)

01:41:46 Dr. Tachi

01:44:40 Brad Friedman

01:46:57 Barb Tomlin

01:52:25 Brian Wallace

02:02:06 Ani Alexander

02:05:47 Jim Fuhs

02:09:13 Bridgetti Lim Banda

02:12:46 Anita Sonya

02:16:44 Dr. Aikyna Finch

02:19:08 Rachel Moore

02:22:27 Marc Gawith

02:29:05 Jaime Cohen

02:31:55 Gord Isman

02:35:28 Nicole Sanchez (Yay or Nay Nicole)

02:37:05 Dr. Steven Greene

02:45:06 Brent Basham (Poddit)

02:47:57 Terry Johnson

02:50:30 Jon Burk

02:59:50 Rob Greenlee (Libsyn)

03:06:37 Paddy McGill

03:10:41 Dana Bentz (StreamYard)

03:17:42 Bee Smith

03:25:19 Jesse Guthie (Stream Sense Media)

03:27:28 Super Joe Pardo (Indie Pod Con)

03:34:16 Tina VaLant

03:36:23 Scott Sheehan (LiveU)

03:43:52 Margie Analise

03:51:05 Christian Karasiewicz

03:55:24 Reggie Williams (Outlaw Masks)

03:59:13 Chris Curran

04:01:44 Brandon Birkmeyer

04:06:23 Ton Henderson-Mayers

04:09:04 Carlos Gil (Outlaw Masks)

04:13:39 Andrew Haley

04:22:03 Louise McDonnell

04:30:45 Chef Daniella Malfitano

04:36:08 Carlos Phoenix

04:44:33 Wrap Up

Originally livestreamed on the Ross Brand YouTube channel (842 views)

JennyQProfile Photo



Jennifer Quinn, known by her followers as JennyQ, is a podcaster, digital marketing expert, live-streaming pro and champion of her life story. She helps companies “Be Seen” with compelling video-driven content. Now, she’s using those talents to help individuals “Be Seen” with resources to transform their life. Join the journey to learn how “Being Seen” can empower your evolution.

Jon BurkProfile Photo

Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

Jon Burk is the director of digital strategy & marketing for award-winning Al Roker Entertainment, managing the production and activation of digital content and social video for TV programs and branded entertainment produced by the company.

Joie GharrityProfile Photo

Joie Gharrity

Joie G 113

Joie Gharrity is the founder of Joie G 113. An author and international speaker, she worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment.

Rob GreenleeProfile Photo

Rob Greenlee


Rob Greenlee is the VP, Podcast Content & Partnerships at Libsyn.com and Co-Host of NewMediaShow.com. A 17-year podcaster, he was inducted into the Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2017.

Eddie GarrisonProfile Photo

Eddie Garrison

Digital Media Creator Academy

Eddie Garrison helps brands grow their Digital Presence by utilizing the power of Social Media with real World Strategy, Design & Results!

Chetachi Egwu Ph.D.Profile Photo

Chetachi Egwu Ph.D.


Chetachi Egwu Ph.D. a.k.a. Dr. Tachi is a media professor, filmmaker, media content producer and journalist passionate about media, tech and pop culture. She is currently the host and creator of the live streamed show MediaScope, 1/2 of the TV Twins on the TV channeling podcast, and producer/director of Florida Memorial University’s The Lions’ Den live stream.

Brent BashamProfile Photo

Brent Basham


Brent Basham co-hosted the Digital Dads podcast until it "pod faded" in 2017. The experience connecting with listeners was incredibly impacting. He has now shifted focus to helping other creators grow their own brands.

Dan CurrierProfile Photo

Dan Currier

Currier Media LLC

Dan Currier is the founder of the People of Video Conference and also runs a successful YouTube channel, Creator Fundamentals, which helps creator build revenue around their content. He also offers a course, Influencer100x.com, that shows creators how to leverage Amazon Influencer video to make thousands a month.

Louise McDonnellProfile Photo

Louise McDonnell

Sell on Social Media Academy

Louise McDonnell is a Social Media Author, Speaker and Strategist. She’s the founder of Sell On Social Media Academy.

Gord IsmanProfile Photo

Gord Isman

Gord Isman Consulting

Gord Isman is a Video and YouTube Consultant specializing in helping people to grow their businesses with video. He has a “How To” YouTube channel that educates people in video editing (e.g. Camtasia), video marketing and YouTube. Gord offers done-for-you services, courses, as well as one-on-one coaching to help you work through your video creation and content marketing challenges.

Professor NezProfile Photo

Professor Nez


Professor Nez is a content creator, business owner and real-world educator with over four million views across multiple channels and mediums including live-streaming, VOD (Video on Demand) short-form content and more.

Chris CurranProfile Photo

Chris Curran

Podcast Engineering School

Chris Curran is an Audio engineer, podcast producer, host of The Podcast Engineering Show, music producer, musician, songwriter, author of Leap Beyond Your Limits. He is the founder & lead instructor at the Podcast Engineering School.

Chris KrimitsosProfile Photo

Chris Krimitsos


Chris Krimitsos is the founder of the Podfest/Vidfest conferences and author of “Start Ugly.”

Dale L. RobertsProfile Photo

Dale L. Roberts

Self-Publishing with Dale

Dale L. Roberts is an award-winning and bestselling author who’s deeply passionate about writing and publishing books. He’s also the host of three fully-monetized YouTube Channels in Self-Publishing with Dale, The Self-Publishing with Dale Podcast, and Live Streaming Tech.

Rachel MooreProfile Photo

Rachel Moore

Hubilo Senior Director

Rachel Moore is currently the senior director of social & broadcast media at Hubilo. Along with Ross Brand, she co-hosted Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel. The show was sponsored by BeLive TV and was livestreamed to the BeLive Facebook Page every Tuesday at 8pm ET. They hosted 46 episodes in 2017 and 2018.

Andrew KanProfile Photo

Andrew Kan

YouTube Expert

Andrew Kan is an experienced director in video production with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Storytelling, YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Camera Operation, and Team Building, Andrew is a strong media and communication professional with a Degree focused in Film/Video and Photographic Arts from the Academy of Art University. He used these skills to grow TubeBuddy’s YouTube channel from 6,000 to 500,000 subscribers, helped establish the YouTube Strategy for Salesforce Careers & University YouTube Channel, and teaches over 10,000+ Subscribers how to understand Filmmaking and YouTube on his personal channel.

Marc GawithProfile Photo

Marc Gawith


Mark Gawith is the Director of Business Development for Resi Media. He has been involved in live video streaming for 7 years having worked in consumer and enterprise livestreaming, from being a creator to now working with one of the top delivery platforms.

Jim FuhsProfile Photo

Jim Fuhs

Fuhsion Marketing

Jim Fuhs is an Amazon Influencer and cohost of the Amazon Live Show Dealcasters. He also does remote production work for companies like StreamYard, IBM Research, and the United Nations.

Bee SmithProfile Photo

Bee Smith

#BeeInspired Digital Brand

Bee Smith is a Global 4-time bestselling author and award-winning Mental Health Advocate. Overcoming Suicide she uses her multimedia gifts to shine the light on Mental Health issues and encourages others to walk without shame and live a life full of Joy!

Nancy AncowitzProfile Photo

Nancy Ancowitz

Self-Promotion for Introverts®

Nancy Ancowitz is a coach specializing in career advancement and presentation skills, an NYU adjunct professor and the author of “Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.” She blogs for Psychology Today and used to blog for Salary.com.

Chef Daniella MalfitanoProfile Photo

Chef Daniella Malfitano

Plant-Based Made Easy

Daniella Malfitano aka Chef “D Malfi”is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, media entertainer, culinary thought leader, health and wellness advocate and classically trained chef. She is a producer, writer, director, set designer and host of several on-stage, online, and televised shows her including her own in-park cooking edutainment family-friendly in-park shows (2016-2020) for The Disney California Adventure® Food & Wine Festival, her online shows “Plant-Based Made Easy” (2020/2021) and “My Choice Kitchen” (2019), and formerly her PBS travel and cooking series “Delicious Discoveries” (2011).

Jaime CohenProfile Photo

Jaime Cohen

The Right Words

Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words, is an internationally recognized speaker, communication coach & advisor, LinkedIn Learning author, and top LinkedIn creator whose communication-focused content has amassed millions of views. She transforms high achievers into powerhouse communicators who get the job, land that promotion, build thought leadership online, and become stronger leaders.

Dr. Aikyna FinchProfile Photo

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Technically Intuitive

Dr. Aikyna Finch of Technically Intuitive is a social media speaker, trainer and conference host! She features women in tech and people of color in social media so they have the platform where they truly shine and are seen for their value in the industry!

Nicole SanchezProfile Photo

Nicole Sanchez


Nicole Sanchez is currently a video producer and YouTube strategist for Snowflake and has consulted with tech companies such as Cisco and HPE. Nicole is also an avid live-streamer and YouTube content creator and runs her channel YayOrNayNicole.

Brad FriedmanProfile Photo

Brad Friedman

The Friedman Group, LLC

Brad Friedman, a Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, is the Founder of The Friedman Group, LLC, a digital marketing agency that works with business owners and professional services providers to generate leads and revenue online. Brad is an Amazon best-selling author of two books and the host of The Digital Slice Podcast.

Bridgetti Lim BandaProfile Photo

Bridgetti Lim Banda

B Live Media

Bridgetti Lim Banda helps business owners incorporate live video into their marketing strategy.
She’s a Livestream Producer, Talk Show Host, Global Goodwill Ambassador and most recently accomplished becoming a two-time #1 Best-Selling Amazon collaborative anthology author.

Phil GerbyshakProfile Photo

Phil Gerbyshak

Social Selling Expert

Phil Gerbyshak is a social selling and sales expert, working with service-based professionals like financial advisors, insurance professionals and consultants to improve their productivity, performance and profitability. He hosts the Social Selling Essentials show, and a book by the same name will be out in Q1 of 2022.

Christian KarasiewiczProfile Photo

Christian Karasiewicz

Launch Your Live

Christian Karasiewicz is the Content Marketing Manager at StreamYard and host of the Launch Your Live show, where he shares streaming tips and gear recommendations. He is the host of Social Chatter, the longest-running social media marketing talk show from Social Chefs.

Brian WallaceProfile Photo

Brian Wallace


Brian Wallace is the Founder of NowSourcing, a top-rated content marketing agency that makes the world’s ideas, simple, visual, and influential.

Joe PardoProfile Photo

Joe Pardo

Profit Growth Strategist

A Profit Strategist, “Super” Joe Pardo brings a series of strategy, application, and execution planning to every entrepreneur, team, or business that he works with. Founder of The Super Joe Pardo Show on YouTube and the Independent Podcast Conference, Joe focuses on putting the right methods into the best practices in order to bring about personalized solutions for each client.

Caren GlasserProfile Photo

Caren Glasser

Caren Glasser LIVE

Caren Glasser is the Producer of five online talk shows and hosts four of her own talk shows. In addition, she is in production for a new kind of event: VR networking launching in January 2022.

Jim HaroldProfile Photo

Jim Harold

Jim Harold Media, LLC

Jim Harold is a professional podcaster at Jim Harold Media LLC with more than 50 million downloads. He hosts The Paranormal Podcast® and Jim Harold’s Campfire, which are among the Top 1% most downloaded podcasts on the industry’s largest podcast host, Libsyn. Jim’s also the executive producer of Unpleasant Dreams and the author of five volumes of “Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories” (All Kindle #1 Supernatural Best Sellers).

Brandon BirkmeyerProfile Photo

Brandon Birkmeyer

Brands on Brands Podcast

Brandon Birkmeyer is a marketing coach who helps industry experts, coaches, and content creators build their brand. For over 17 years, Brandon directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies. He now produces and hosts a top marketing podcast called Brands On Brands, which has ranked #1 in personal branding and content marketing.

Toni Henderson-MayersProfile Photo

Toni Henderson-Mayers

United Business Solutions LLC

An entrepreneur for over 30 years, Toni Henderson-Mayer‘s success with branding and development of on and offline businesses such as Wise Courtship, Alphabet Theater Workshop, Word Therapy Publishing and UB Solutions has positioned her as a top business coach in the areas of organizational management, digital marketing, training and HR services for private and government clients.

Wágner dos SantosProfile Photo

Wágner dos Santos

Wágner Live

For over 5 years, Wágner dos Santos has been the creator and host of Wagner Live, a weekly podcast produced by The Wagner Agency. In each episode and together with a special guest, expect to hear fresh perspectives on what’s hot in business right now. For the past 20+ years he has enjoyed a fulfilling career in the advertising industry and is currently the President / Account Planner at The Wagner Agency.

Tim McDonaldProfile Photo

Tim McDonald

Creating Is LLC

Tim McDonald is the host of The Business of Speaking, a Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survivor and former Director of Community at Huffington Post. He’s the Purveyor of Purpose at Creating Is LLC.

Terry JohnsonProfile Photo

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson Online

Terry Johnson is a digital marketing strategist and consultant with a background in advertising, marketing and tech. She is the host of “This Week’s Marketing Chat”, a weekly, live stream with topics on marketing strategy and social media for small businesses at terryjohnsononline.live.

Sue-Ann BubaczProfile Photo

Sue-Ann Bubacz


As a business content creator, writer, and editor, Sue-Ann Bubacz crafts and produces high-quality, unique web content assets to help businesses connect with people and grow. Her tenacity, business experience, and creativity help clients from a fresh and strategic perspective to create digital impressions for an impressive digital footprint. Catch her at: WriteMixforBusiness.com or MSSYBiz.com.

Angus NelsonProfile Photo

Angus Nelson

Men's Performance Coach

Angus Nelson is a men’s performance coach, advising high-achieving men to create the life they want through his Conscious Design MethodologyTM approach. He hosted the UpInYourBusiness podcast, selected a top 20 business podcast by Inc. Angus is a popular and inspiring keynote speaker.

Steven GreeneProfile Photo

Steven Greene

mAke the grAde

Dr. Steven Greene is an educator, best-selling author and multimediaist focused on education and making the world a better place.

Nancy MyrlandProfile Photo

Nancy Myrland

Myrland Marketing & Social Media

Nancy Myrland is a marketing and business development advisor, specializing in content, social, and digital media marketing for business lawyers and their legal marketers. She does LinkedIn training (including her first online course: LinkedInCourseForLawyers.com), works with firms on launching podcasts, polishing their virtual presentation skills, learning video and livestreaming skills, blogging, social media (obviously), and hosts two podcasts.

Anita SonyaProfile Photo

Anita Sonya

Our Coaching Universe

Anita Sonya is the founder of Livestream Your Brand. She helps business owners transform their businesses through livestreaming and online events. She hosts multiple international virtual summits each year, bringing together top speakers from diverse industries, and is planning her first internatiional in- person event for 2023 in Bali.

John PrettoProfile Photo

John Pretto

Talent Pros Live

John Pretto is a 25 year veteran in Streaming and Digital Media.

Brian SchulmanProfile Photo

Brian Schulman

Voice Your Vibe

Brian Schulman, a 2X best-selling Author, is an International Keynote Speaker known as the Godfather, and Pioneer, of LinkedIn Video and one of the world’s premiere live-streaming & video marketing experts who’s insights have been featured on NASDAQ, ROKU and a #1 Best-selling live-streaming book. As Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe, Brian has 20+ years of proven Digital Marketing experience strategizing with Fortune 500 brands across the globe and has been recognized as a ‘LinkedIn Top Voice’, ‘LinkedIn Video Creator Of The Year’, one of the ‘Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn’ and a ‘LinkedIn Global Leader of The Year’ for two consecutive years. Named “2020 Best LIVE Festive Show of The Year” at the IBM TV Awards, his two weekly LIVE shows have been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, an Amazon best-selling book and syndicated on a Smart TV Network.

Victor CajiaoProfile Photo

Victor Cajiao

Sunday Sax Jam

Victor Cajiao is a professional musician, technology aficionado and host of the Sunday Sax Jam live stream. He is well-known in the Apple world for having hosted multiple popular Mac-focused podcasts.

Ani AlexanderProfile Photo

Ani Alexander


Ani Alexander is the host of the Brand Architect podcast with 204 episodes since 2014. She also hosts and live streams the Blockchain Meets Marketing podcast. Ani is the author of several books including Emotional Moments, a number one Amazon Kindle best-seller in UK short stories.

Jesse GuthrieProfile Photo

Jesse Guthrie

Stream Sense Media

Jesse Guthrie is the owner and head graphic master of Stream Sense Media. He has worked with companies such as Bass Pro Shops as well as Streamyard in his role of livestreaming and graphics jedi.

Tina VaLantProfile Photo

Tina VaLant

Extraordinary Photography by Tina VaLant

#ServeShareShine is Tina VaLant‘s motto. She serves as a speaker, photographer, columnist, livestreamer; sharing her talent and enabling others to shine.

Carlos PhoenixProfile Photo

Carlos Phoenix

Live Streaming Master

Carlos Phoenix currently offers great tools, both hardware and software, to help expand the capabilities of those creating live and recorded content at home, office and mobile. He is building a platform for content distribution on all media platforms including television.