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July 8, 2020

Live Streaming Music with Victor Cajiao

Live Streaming Music with Victor Cajiao

StreamYard Connect Ep32

In Episode 32 of StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand, we talk about #livestreaming music with saxophonist and audio engineering expert Victor Cajiao. Victor also shares his background with online media, including hosting the popular “Typical Mac User Podcast,” and give away copies of his album, Surrender.

Victor Cajiao is a retired IT professional living in eastern South Dakota. He has been a professional musician for more than 42 years and has played on many LA recording sessions. Along with his musical partner Joe Cristina, he has written, produced, and mixed two Albums: Resolve (1995) and Surrender (2016). Victor was also known on the web as a Mac podcaster from 2006 to 2011, hosting the Typical Mac User Podcast and the Typical Shutterbug podcast.

Currently, Victor is sharing his love for playing the Saxophone with the world on Facebook and YouTube. He also writes jingles and cues for movies, documentaries, and clients needing to personalize their brand with original music.

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Originally livestreamed on the StreamYard Facebook page (3K views).

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Victor Cajiao

Sunday Sax Jam

Victor Cajiao is a professional musician, technology aficionado and host of the Sunday Sax Jam live stream. He is well-known in the Apple world for having hosted multiple popular Mac-focused podcasts.