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Oct. 14, 2020

Live Stream Producer: How To

Live Stream Producer: How To

Professional Live Stream Producer Phil Kluba of Press It discusses how to successfully produce live streaming and remote broadcasts on StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand. ▶️ GO LIVE with STREAMYARD: https://LivestreamUniverse.com/StreamYard

▶️ OVERLAY & BACKGROUND TEMPLATES for STREAMYARD: https://LivestreamUniverse.com/templates

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▶️ GEAR SHOW: https://youtu.be/vk0W3PFisDY

▶️ CREATOR CONVERSATIONS: https://youtu.be/L4LMrukmdzA

▶️ MONETIZE YOUTUBE (with Roberto Blake): https://youtu.be/7w4rD_i8_L0


StreamYard Connect is presented by StreamYard, a live streaming studio in your computer or mobile browser that makes it easy to host shows with stable, professional-looking streams.

▶️ HOST YOUR SHOW with STREAMYARD: https://livestreamuniverse.com/StreamYard

Ross’ Gear Recommendations:

📌 https://LivestreamUniverse.com/Resources

📌 https://Amazon.com/shop/iRossBrand


Phil Kluba is the founder & CEO of Press It, a Toronto-based media production company that has spent the past seven years specializing in innovative video, live-streaming, and content solutions.

📌 Website: https://justpressit.ca

📌 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philkluba


Ross Brand is a live streaming professional who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions. Prior to live streaming, Ross worked as an on-air radio host, anchor and reporter.

📌 YouTube: https://YouTube.com/LivestreamUniverse

📌 Twitter: https://Twitter.com/iRossBrand

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Guest: Phil Kluba

Host: Ross Brand

Sponsor: StreamYard

Originally broadcast on the StreamYard Facebook Page and YouTube Channel (3.6K views)