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Aug. 9, 2019

LinkedIn Live Adds StreamYard as Official 3rd-Party Broadcasting Solution

LinkedIn Live Adds StreamYard as Official 3rd-Party Broadcasting Solution

StreamYard Update 2019: Livestream to LinkedIn Live with StreamYard. Recorded live using StreamYard's direct integration with LinkedIn Live shortly after it became available.

Ross Brand livestreams directly to LinkedIn using StreamYard's integration with LinkedIn Live. StreamYard has been added as an official 3rd-party tool for livestreaming to LinkedIn Live. If you have access to LinkedIn Live, add it as a destination in your StreamYard dashboard just as you would for YouTube, Facebook LIve and Periscope and then create your broadcast.

I cover many of the features that make StreamYard an excellent choice as a live streaming brower-based application for both beginning and advanced livestreamers, including the high quality of the audio and video, ease of bring on multiple guests, ability to play up to :30 second video clips and screen share, and professional production elements for branding, adding text to your broadcast and organizing those assets for quick setup. I've used StreamYard as part of my workflow for all of my live episodes of Brand On Braodcasting, Livestream Deals and Ross Brand Live in 2019.

▶️GO LIVE with STREAMYARD: http://StreamYard.com/Ross

▶️Audio versions of all episodes of Ross Brand Live: http://RossBrandLive.com.

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I will be hosting a new weekly show for StreamYard on LinkedIn Live, starting on Wed, Aug. 21, at 2pm ET. It's called "StreamYard Connect." Follow me and StreamYard for live shows and updates:

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