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Sept. 15, 2016

LIfestyle Blogging in Italy with Nazim Beltran

LIfestyle Blogging in Italy with Nazim Beltran

#AsktheExpert featuring Nazim Beltran of the Italian lifestyle blog Casa Chiesi. Hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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Nazim Beltran is an American web designer, livestreamer and Snapchat enthusiast living in Italy. Nazim and his wife, Elisabetta Chiesi, operate the Italian lifesyle blog, Casa Chiesi, sharing the food, wine, restaurants, art, culture, shopping, rocky beaches, countryside and mountains of Italy with their readers.

Nazim is the owner of Parkmedia, a Milan-based web agency with clients in the fields of fashion, architecture and design.

Find Nazim on Twitter: @NazimBeltran.