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Aug. 19, 2017

#LadiesGoLive: Women in Livestreaming & Upcoming Summit

#LadiesGoLive: Women in Livestreaming & Upcoming Summit

Livestream News featuring #LadiesGoLive leaders Tina VaLant and Jenn Nelson. Hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamNews with Ross Brand of LIvestreamUniverse, Tina VaLant and Jenn Nelson talked about organizing and producing the #LadiesGoLive virtual livestreaming summit, the challenges women face when livestreaming and potential of livestreaming to empower women across the globe.

Ladies Go Live is an interactive, unique global live collaboration for passionate women on a mission to elevate other women through sharing information, making connections, inspiring and educating others.

This virtual live summit celebrates women and the amazing power and reach of live video. Participants will livecast, from around the globe. There’s something for everyone, the panels include business, creativity, inspircation* and philanthropy. *inspircation = inspiration + education.

The virtual summit takes place Friday, August 25, 2017, from 9am ET to 5pm ET followed by an after-party. Get your free pass at LadiesGoLive.com.

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