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March 22, 2016

iSocialFanz' Game Plan for Success with Brian Fanzo

iSocialFanz' Game Plan for Success with Brian Fanzo

Episode 16 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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Brian Fanzo, aka iSocialFanz, is a change evangelist, early adopter of new technologies and one of the most recognizable personalities on livestream platforms.

The Chief Social Media Officer at My Channel, Inc, which brings livestreaming inside enterprises, Brian is a partner with Ryan A. Bell in BackLamp LLC, connecting brands with influencers on livestreaming and mobile apps. 

He is a popular speaker at social media, technology and livestreaming conferences and served as master of ceremonies for the Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco in January 2016. On Blab.im, Brain co-hosts #CloudTalk with Daniel Newman on Thursdays at 12pm ET and #NoLetUp with Ted Rubin on Fridays at 3pm ET. 

He was one of the “Top Twitter Influencers for CMO’s in 2015” (#22) by LongTail and one of the “Top 50 People Most Retweeted by Digital Marketers” by Social Fresh (2014).

Find Brian on Twitter, Instagram and across social media: @iSocialFanz.

Show Topics

  • How My Channel Inc measures employee sentiment in organizations
  • A look back at the first year of social livestreaming apps, including the launch of Meerkat and Periscope
  • Why you aren’t getting more viewers on your Blabs and Scopes
  • Early adoption doesn’t guarantee long-term success
  • The value of learning to use these tools now
  • You can’t learn about a new app and its audience without committing to using it
  • The value of listeners and viewers to the community
  • How livestreaming fits into a social strategy
  • Generalists vs specialists on social
  • Why you need a social video strategy and the value of providing access to people, products and services
  • How Snapchat captures attention and what you should convey there
  • How ads inside Snapchat are different from ads on other platforms and what you can learn from them
  • The best way to collaborate on Snapchat
  • How Brian’s approach to Twitter differs from Gary Vaynerchuk’s
  • Using anchor.fm to promote and source questions for Blabs
  • Telling users about the what vs. the how and why
  • What it means when industry leaders such as attorney Mitch Jackson are using livestreaming
  • How being grateful and showing he cares helped Brian build his following on Twitter
  • How Brian’s audience has changed over the past year
  • How to stand out from the noise on social
  • The difference between a community and a network
  • How virtual reality will change brick and mortar businesses


Ryan A. Bell, partner at BackLamp LLC, called into the show to discuss virtual reality.

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Brian Fanzo

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Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist keynote speaker who translates the trends of tomorrow to inspire change today. His customized and personalized programs showcase real-world stories and examples of forward-thinking people and web 3.0 businesses.