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July 20, 2019

How to Use Wirecast Virtual Camera with StreamYard

How to Use Wirecast Virtual Camera with StreamYard

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/_AfqggXa89Y

How to Use Wirecast Virtual Camera with StreamYard. Ross Brand of Livestream Universe looks at sharing a recorded video of longer than 30 seconds on StreamYard. This tutorial covers two ways to play a recorded video on StreamYard, with Wirecast Virtual Cam as the recommended option. The same process works for playing a video clip using the virtual camera option in OBS.

One way is to do a screen share and drag the video clip into a Chrome browser tab — and make sure the audio is turned on in that tab — and then you can play the video as a screen share. But that method has its weakness when it comes to transitioning to the clip and you may see parts of the Chrome browser showing up in the video.

A cleaner, more professional way to share a video clip — if you have the technology — is to use Wirecast Virtual Cam. You add the video clip to a shot in Wirecast and then switch to the shot with that video when you are ready to play it. One thing to be aware of is you won’t hear that video when it is playing during the live show. Wirecast provides a countdown, so you will know when to switch your shot back from the recorded video clip to your live feed. You will be sending the video clip and the audio from that video from Wirecast to StreamYard with Wirecast Virtual Camera and Wirecast Virtual Microphone. Your own video and audio will be sent to StreamYard the same way.

I show you how to do it. It’s actually easier than it just sounded.

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