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Aug. 2, 2020

How to Sound Great on Zoom

How to Sound Great on Zoom

In this brief Zoom Tutorial, learn how to sound great on Zoom by disabling Zoom's audio processing.

Watch the video version: https://youtu.be/IPzTqCfL5Es

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In this video, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe covers:

- How podcasters, video creators, live streamers, speakers, and anyone working from home or doing business on Zoom, can upgrade their audio quality on Zoom, if they have the right gear and environment

- How to change the audio settings in Zoom

- How to disable audio processing in Zoom

- When to leave Zoom's audio processing on

- Audio gear for Zoom when using your original computer audio rather than Zoom's processing

Hat Tip: Gord Isman for bringing these settings to my attention. Check out Gord's channel for great tutorials on video creation and video editing: https://YouTube.com/GordIsman.


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