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Oct. 2, 2017

How to Sell on Live Video with Livestream Katya

How to Sell on Live Video with Livestream Katya

Episode 77 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, Katya Varbanova aka LiveStream Katya talks about her 5-Day Live Video Sales Challenge and keys to being a successful digital entrepreneur.

LiveStreamKatya is a Live streamer and a strategist who helps Entrepreneurs utilize live streaming to grow their audience online and generate revenue.

With over 40,000 social fans, she’s one of the early adopters on live video and Facebook Live who quickly learnt the ways of the platforms and was able validate and build her business idea, and within 90 days she quit her banking job.

She is the CEO of Peri10k, which is a community for speakers and live streamers and she helps entrepreneurs share their message through live streaming.

Find LiveStream Katya on Twitter: @LiveStreamKatya.