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July 7, 2019

How to Livesteam on GetVokl with CEO Alexander Riesenkampff

How to Livesteam on GetVokl with CEO Alexander Riesenkampff

On Episode 16 of Brand on Broadcasting, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with GetVokl CEO Alexander Riesenkampff about his plans for the live streaming platform and GetVokl's integration with Patreon. In addition to livestreamers, the platform is also working to include podcasters and video creators in its community. More info at http://GetVokl.com.

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About GetVokl:

GetVokl helps podcasters, live-streamers, and vloggers unleash the potential of their audiences through interactive live-shows on their social video platform so they can inspire and create vibrant communities.

Broadcasters are able to leverage their social reach by simultaneously streaming their GetVokl Broadcast to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

A host may invite up to 3 guests to join the live video conversation by “grabbing a spot” on stage. Any broadcast can have an unlimited number of attendees at any event. The host has the ability to rotate in guests from the audience.

The host also has the option to record a show, and allow Patreon supporters to login and view content at a later date.