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June 3, 2019

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with Nick Nimmin and Dee Nimmin

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with Nick Nimmin and Dee Nimmin

On Episode 14 of Brand On Broadcasting, YouTube creators, brothers and Nimmin Live co-hosts Nick Nimmin and Dee Nimmin appear together for the first time as interview guests.

Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with Nick and Dee about how they started working together in Thailand, tips for growing your YouTube channel and the pros and cons of livestreaming to YouTube Live.

Our Guests:

Nick Nimmin is a YouTube Certified influencer and speaker helping people learn and leverage the power of online video. His popular YouTube channel has more than 400,000 subscribers. Nick is a serial entrepreneur. In one form or another, he's been self employed since age 19. He had a door-to-door marketing company for 10 years, a commercial janitorial service for 3, an advertising agency and a graphic design service to name a few. All of that led him to the wide world of internet marketing, consulting, public speaking and digital content production, which are his current areas of expertise. Nick offers digital graphic assets for content creators, including an a la carte store, membership site and custom branding packages at TuberTools.com. He co-hosts Nimmin Live, Saturdays at 9am ET on his YouTube channel.

Dee Nimmin is a YouTube Content Creator, Entrepreneur and co-host of Nimmin Live. His YouTube channel and live streams are focused on teaching mobile video creation. Dee co-hosts Nimmin Live on Saturdays at 9am ET on Nick Nimmin's YouTube channel.  In addition, Dee hosts the Mobile YouTuber Q&A on Sundays at 12pm ET, on his YouTube channel, where he shares advice and resources for mobile video creators and provides mobile channel reviews.

▶️ Nick Nimmin on YouTube: http://YouTube.com/NickNimmin

▶️ Dee Nimmin on YouTube: http://YouTube.com/DeeNimmin

▶️ Digital Graphic Assets for Video Creators: http://TuberTools.com

▶️ Gear recommendations for livestreaming and podcasting: http://LivestreamUniverse.com/Resources