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March 7, 2016

Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat with Aaron Kilby

Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat with Aaron Kilby

Episode 14 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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Aaron Kilby is the host of #MediaChat (Thursdays, 10pm ET) on Twitter, named one of the “11 best Twitter chats for bloggers in 2016” by The Freelance Cat. He also runs the MediaChat Facebook group with nearly 1,700 members.

The Director of Marketing & Business Development at Artisan Colour in Scottsdale, Arizona, Aaron co-hosts a monthly Blab show with Jodi Okun and Margie Analise. He was included in the Arizona Republic‘s “35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger” 2009 List.

Show Topics

  • The secret to social media success
  • How did #MediaChat start?
  • What were the goals for #MediaChat when starting it and have those goals been achieved?
  • The viability of an audio version of Twitter chats on a platform such as Anchor.fm?
  • What is involved in running a popular Facebook group?
  • The ideal length for an online video
  • Tools for leading and monitoring a Twitter chat
  • Preparing for a Twitter Chat
  • The impact of Twitter 10k on Twitter chats.


Craig Carpenter, founder of the image design app Relay, and Rachel Moore, owner of Really.Social, called-in to the show.