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April 19, 2016

Financial Aid Secrets with Jodi Okun

Financial Aid Secrets with Jodi Okun

Episode 20 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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Jodi Okun is a financial aid professional, brand ambassador, Twitter chat host, social media strategist, digital marketer, speaker and author. She is the founder of College Financial Aid Advisors, brand ambassador for Discover Student Loans and About.com Money Expert.

Jodi has helped thousands of parents successfully master the financial aid process and open educational possibilities for their children, regardless of cost. Her new book, Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro: Master the College Funding Process and Give Your Child Lifelong Financial Skills Without Losing Your Cool, will be released in May 2016 and is already a #1 Amazon best-seller.

Jodi hosts the #CollegeCash Twitter chat on Thursdays at 8pm ET and co-hosts a monthly Blab on social media with Aaron Kilby and Margie Analise.

With 125,000 followers on Twitter and a strong presence on multiple social platforms, Jodi is a Top 30 Social Media Influencer in Personal Finance and Wealth. Her training institute helps entrepreneurs start small businesses or expand existing businesses.

Show Topics

  • How parents can help their teens plan to pay for college
  • How Jodi became a financial aid professional
  • How to build your business with social media
  • Jodi’s process for developing a big following on Twitter
  • Integrating livestreaming and Snapchat into a social media strategy
  • Takeaways from Jodi’s book, Secrets of a Financial Aid Pro, due out in May 2016