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May 6, 2022

Creators Can't Rely on Livestreaming to Social Media

Episode 23 of Brand on Broadcasting is a StreamLeader Report Live panel discussion among leading creators and industry insiders on whether creators rely too much on distributing livestreaming shows and other digital media content to social media platforms.

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Are creators building their businesses on the wrong properties? Ross Brand hosts StreamLeader Report Live featuring opinion and analysis on a key issue facing digital media creators and online entreprneuers.

What are the best platforms for livestreaming? Is organic reach dead? How can creators and small business owners monetize outside of social media? What role should social still play in your content strategy? Are platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn throttling the reach of independent creators? What does a change at the top of Twitter mean for creators?


Michael Kinney: Award-winning television broadcaster, YouTube video creator & educator with 67K subscribers, host of Pushing Pixels and actor on Canada's longest-running television show

Jon Burk: Head of marketing & digital strategy at Al Roker Entertainment with extensive experience in branded entertainment, digital programming, social video and content activation Coach

Jennie Mustafa-Julock: Coach, author, SXSW speaker, livestreamer, event organizer and community builder offering programs through her own website

Kim Doyal: Publisher of the FtheHustle newsletter, podcaster, author and Facebook group owner with a strong focus on email marketing and e-learning programs

Eric Hunley: Fast-growing YouTube Live host of Unstructured, America's Untold Stories and Laid Back News with 3 channels totaling 62K subscribers and a highly-engaged community on Locals

Joie Gharrity: Hollywood insider, digital pioneer, network podcaster and author of "Being Your Own Superstar" (new release) and "The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence"


Michael Kinney: https://youtube.com/michaelkinney

Jon Burk: https://linkedin.com/in/jonburk

Coach Jennie: https://www.coachjennie.com/

Kim Doyal: https://kimdoyal.com/fthehustle

Eric Hunley: https://www.erichunley.com/

Joie Gharrity: https://joieg113.com/


Ross Brand: Founder of Livestream Universe who helps creators and entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise


Ross Brand: https://LivestreamUniverse.com

StreamLeader Report: https://livestreamuniverse.com/streamleader

Eric HunleyProfile Photo

Eric Hunley


Eric Hunley is the host of Unstructured and the eponymous YouTube Channel Eric Hunley where he interviews a WIDE variety of folks from body language experts, to YouTube lawyers, to folks in 3 letter agencies. He also has America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert which explores history and pop-culture that is often unknown, obscure, or overlooked.

Jennie Mustafa-JulockProfile Photo

Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Coach Jennie

Jennie Mustafa-Julock is Coach Jennie, an inner critic expert helping clients get out of their own way so they can get on with the business of changing the world. She’s the author of “Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery.”

Michael KinneyProfile Photo

Michael Kinney

Pushing Pixels

Michael Kinney is a YouTube creator, livestreamer, podcaster, freelance video producer, and former award-winning broadcaster.

Jon BurkProfile Photo

Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

Jon Burk is the director of digital strategy & marketing for award-winning Al Roker Entertainment, managing the production and activation of digital content and social video for TV programs and branded entertainment produced by the company.

Joie GharrityProfile Photo

Joie Gharrity

Joie G 113

Joie Gharrity is the founder of Joie G 113. An author and international speaker, she worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment.

Kim DoyalProfile Photo

Kim Doyal


Kim Doyal teaches you how to #FtheHUSTLE. Build and scale an online business in a way that works for YOU. Email marketing and newsletters are her sweet spot.