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Aug. 22, 2017

Creating Art While Livestreaming with Cathy Nolan

Creating Art While Livestreaming with Cathy Nolan

Episode 74 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, caricaturist and illustrator Cathy Nolan talked about her experiences as a cast member and artist on Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show and during ABC News’ 2016 election coverage. She also discussed the business side of being an artist and how she helps other creative people profit from their talents.

During the interview, Cathy drew Ross and presented his caricature to him and the viewers at the end of the show.

Cathy Nolan has been a caricaturist and illustrator for over twenty years. With her love for art and making people smile, Cathy’s work has brought joy to clients worldwide.

She is a popular livestreamer who served as a cast member and illustrator on Mario Armstrong’s groundbreaking Never Settle Show on Facebook Live and has a history of high-profile TV appearances, including on ABC News.

Cathy also has years of experience working in art licensing and product development and has helped other artists build their businesses and has consulted on their portfolios.

She understands the business from an artist and company’s perspective regarding the following: developing and managing a brand, seeking out potential licensees, negotiating contracts, handling brand management, creating marketing and sale opportunities, and getting product to the retail shelf.

Find Cathy on Twitter: @CathyNolanArt.