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Jan. 22, 2019

Content Creation Planning for 2019 with Kim Doyal

Content Creation Planning for 2019 with Kim Doyal

Episode 007:

On Brand on Broadcasting with Ross Brand, we talk with Kim Doyal about a new planner for content marketers for developing your content strategy and measuring the results.

Episode 007 of Brand on Broadcasting features Kim Doyal, author of the Content Creators Planner, discussing how her new planner fills a void in the content marketing space. While most planners and apps focus on scheduling, Kim’s planner is unique in providing a guide to developing and implementing your content strategy. The Content Creators Planner can be found at ContentCreatorsPlanner.com.

Kim is a talented and experienced content creator and digital marketer who runs the Content Creators Facebook group and hosts the Kim Doyal Show. Kim will share her thoughts on where content creation is heading and how she will approach her own content plans for 2019. Her website is KimDoyal.com

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Kim Doyal teaches you how to #FtheHUSTLE. Build and scale an online business in a way that works for YOU. Email marketing and newsletters are her sweet spot.