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Aug. 4, 2019

Communication Skills for Growing Your LinkedIn Network with Jaime Cohen

Communication Skills for Growing Your LinkedIn Network with Jaime Cohen

LinkedIn: Communication Skills for Growing Your LinkedIn Network (Ep24)

On Livestream Deals, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with communication consultant Jaime Cohen of The Right Words. Jaime has built a strong community on LinkedIn through effective storytelling, personal branding and popular LinkedIn videos and LinkedIn Live shows.

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Jaime Cohen is a storyteller, speaker, authenticity advocate, and Founder of The Right Words. She works with brands & individuals to clarify their message & tell great stories.

Jaime received more than one million post views on less than 50 LinkedIn posts. She was selected one of The Top 75 Influential Voices on LinkedIn.

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The Right Words: https://UseTheRightWords.com

Jaime Cohen on LinkedIn: http://LinkedIn.com/in/jaime-cohen

Jaime Cohen on Instagram: http://Instagram.com/Jaimbalaya

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Jaime Cohen

The Right Words

Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words, is an internationally recognized speaker, communication coach & advisor, LinkedIn Learning author, and top LinkedIn creator whose communication-focused content has amassed millions of views. She transforms high achievers into powerhouse communicators who get the job, land that promotion, build thought leadership online, and become stronger leaders.