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April 12, 2016

Building Community via Livestreaming with Jonathan Tripp

Building Community via Livestreaming with Jonathan Tripp

Episode 19 of Livestream Stars with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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Jonathan Tripp  is a social media consultant, avid coffee believer, livestream host and community builder. He hosts Jonathan Tripp Live, which airs weekdays at 10am ET at JonathanTripp.live.

Jonathan also operates several social media live streaming groups with over 700 members. A skilled visual marketer, Jonathan offers courses on Instagram as well as a full range of consulting services for live streaming, community growth and social strategies.

He provides social media consulting and management services through his website, JonathanTripp.com. The website’s tagline is “Making Social Media Work for You.”

Find Jonathan on Twitter: @JonathanTripp. His Instagram username is @JonTripp.

Show Topics

  • Getting started on Blab
  • Why run a Facebook group
  • What is the reason for the success of certain Blab shows?
  • How does Jonathan use Snapchat
  • Blab vs other livestreaming platforms
  • Impressions of, and plans for using, the newly upgraded Facebook Live


Zef Zan, livestrem host and CEO of Entrepreneurs that SOAR, and David Vaughan, founder of The Profitable List, called into the show.