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July 29, 2016

Bringing Conversations to the Headlines with MoniQue Hoffman

Bringing Conversations to the Headlines with MoniQue Hoffman

Livestream News featuring MoniQue Hoffman, host of #QtheNews. Hosted by with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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MoniQue Hoffman (aka “QtheBrand” or “Q”) is social marketer, media relations professional, chef, nutritionist, event planner and livestream show host.

A Restaurant and Hospitality Marketing Specialist and serial entrepreneur, she started her company, QtheBrand, as a low-key social media management business under the name “Qsocial. It was quickly built into a sustainable business strictly through word-of-mouth referrals.

Marketing the Hospitality Industry

QtheBrand offers social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development, as well as graphic design, branding, and public relations. Q’s background in Culinary Arts, from Le Cordon Bleu and Nutrition Communication degree from Arizona State University, combined with her hospitality experience, have provided her with a solid foundation for marketing the industry to the masses.

MoniQue brings conversations to the headlines as host of the daily #QtheNews show. A pioneering news broadcast in the talk-show livestream genre, QtheNews is an interactive and efficient way to get the news. Many people have cut their cable and don’t have the time to sort through the news stories online. Q covers 12 to 20 headlines on each show, going beyond the surface and facilitating conversations in a way traditional TV news broadcasts cannot.

MoniQue also hosts Marketing Therapy, a podcast and live video broadcast that inspires real and effective communication, without regard for race, culture, or language. This show is to remind the people of the world of our universal language.

Helping Diners with Food Allergies

Q’s newest venture, Qapproved, stems from her constant food allergy struggles while dining out. As a result, she created a one-of-a-kind concept that promotes responsible food service and handling, while simplifying the dining process for consumers. Both parties are rewarded through the publication of a safe network of Qapproved eateries.

MoniQue’s livestream shows are archived at QtheBrand.com. Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @QtheBrand.

Show Topics

  • How Qapproved can help people with food allergies when dining out
  • Why MoniQue started QtheNews
  • How QtheNews differs from traditional TV news broadcasts
  • Benefits and pitfalls of discussing politics and controversial issues on livestream shows
  • The ways news consumption has changed in recent years
  • Communication as a key theme on Marketing Therapy show
  • Does Q advise her clients to use livestreaming to market their businesses?
  • What mistakes people are making when livestreaming for business?