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Jan. 23, 2019

Best Platforms for Live Streaming in 2019 with Ileane Smith

Best Platforms for Live Streaming in 2019 with Ileane Smith

Episode 009:

What are the best platforms for live streaming video in 2019? Ileane Smith discusses the advantages of Facebook vs YouTube vs Twitch and other live video channels.

On Brand On Broadcasting hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe, Ileane also talks about what types of videos she enjoys watching, what it takes to succeed on Twitch, YouTube Stories, the YouTube community tab, Facebook Groups, and how Anchor is disrupting the podcast industry.

Ms. Ileane is your digital media tour guide. She is well-known online for her timely trainings and tutorials. Her "Ms Ileane Speaks" YouTube channel has 1.1 million views. She creates instructional videos, courses, podcasts, livestreams and blog content.

Ileane's Website: http://IleaneSmith.com.

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