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Dec. 5, 2017

Best of BeLive with JennyQ Show Host Jennifer Quinn

Best of BeLive with JennyQ Show Host Jennifer Quinn




Which kind of BeLive.tv broadcast do BeLivers like best for their shows?

What's YOUR favorite? Type it in the comments below to let us know!

Our picks each week use all of the different formats available through BeLive, and this week Ross and Rachel will dive a bit more into each kind as they bring you two BeLive broadcasters to the show.

This week's picks are excellent examples of BeLive broadcasters, as usual, so take a look at their links!

Rachel's Pick: Emily Ley

Ross' Pick: JennyQ

So whether you like Solo, Interview, or Talk Show, we'll chat about your favorite on this week's Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel!

Guest: Jennifer Quinn of The JennyQ Show

Hosts: Ross Brand and Rachel Moore

Sponsor: BeLive TV

Originally broadcast on the BeLive TV Facebook Page (1K views, 156 comments)

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Jennifer Quinn, known by her followers as JennyQ, is a podcaster, digital marketing expert, live-streaming pro and champion of her life story. She helps companies “Be Seen” with compelling video-driven content. Now, she’s using those talents to help individuals “Be Seen” with resources to transform their life. Join the journey to learn how “Being Seen” can empower your evolution.