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Nov. 22, 2017

Best of BeLive with Jeff Adams of BeLive Weekly

Best of BeLive with Jeff Adams of BeLive Weekly

SPECIAL GUEST on this week's Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel: Jeff Adams joins us to... well, it's going to be a roller coaster ride! Seriously, when you share a screen with Jeff, it's like you grabbed the nearest lightning bolt for a few precious minutes of awesomeness.

If you're ready for lightning to strike, type ELECTRIC in your comment below! (If you're feeling particularly electrified, SHAZAAM works, too!)

Jeff Adams will tell us about his newest BeLive weekly show and all the things he's up to in the universe. And we'll pack it all into just one hour... can we do it???

Guest: Jeff Adams of BeLive Weekly

Hosts: Ross Brand and Rachel Moore

Sponsor: BeLive TV

Originally broadcast on the BeLive TV Facebook Page (5.5K views, 170 comments)