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May 9, 2018

Best of BeLive with Gina & Rina of Gina K Designs

Best of BeLive with Gina & Rina of Gina K Designs

Did you take care of a gift for your mom for this Mother's Day... which is in less than a week??? There's no time like the present, and this week's Best of BeLive selection has presents and gifts on their minds - and their livestream!

Type MOM in a comment below to get your reminder.

What will you learn this week?

SHOW your viewers how to do something new...

TELL your audience how to learn more and gain skills...

SHARE your content with millions via livestreaming!

Join Ross Brand and Rachel Moore as BeLive features and interviews Gina K Designs hosts Gina and Rina about how they create their designs LIVE... this show will be perfect for you if you've wanted to show and tell what you do!

Guest: Gina & Rina of Gina K Designs

Hosts: Ross Brand and Rachel Moore

Sponsor: BeLive TV

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