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April 4, 2018

Best of BeLive with Amie the Dating Coach and Phil Gerbyshak

Best of BeLive with Amie the Dating Coach and Phil Gerbyshak

Communication and presentation are important aspects of hosting livestreaming shows. They're also keys to public speaking and relationships. On TUES, 8pm ET, our matchup of livestreamers on #BestofBeLive with Ross and Rachel features a public speaker and a dating coach. And we are pretty darn excited to chat with both of them:

*** Phil Gerbyshak aka Phil Gerbyshak - Speaker, Author, Pinball Wizard (Rachel's pick)

*** Amie the Dating Coach (Ross' pick)

Bring your questions for Phil and Amie. Plus, your vote during the live show determines who claims this week's Best of BeLive.tv honors.

Guest: Aime the Dating Coach, Phil Gerbyshak

Hosts: Ross Brand and Rachel Moore

Sponsor: BeLive TV

Originally broadcast on the BeLive TV Facebook Page (796 views, 106 comments)

Rachel MooreProfile Photo

Rachel Moore

Hubilo Senior Director

Rachel Moore is currently the senior director of social & broadcast media at Hubilo. Along with Ross Brand, she co-hosted Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel. The show was sponsored by BeLive TV and was livestreamed to the BeLive Facebook Page every Tuesday at 8pm ET. They hosted 46 episodes in 2017 and 2018.

Phil GerbyshakProfile Photo

Phil Gerbyshak

Social Selling Expert

Phil Gerbyshak is a social selling and sales expert, working with service-based professionals like financial advisors, insurance professionals and consultants to improve their productivity, performance and profitability. He hosts the Social Selling Essentials show, and a book by the same name will be out in Q1 of 2022.