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Oct. 31, 2017

Best of BeLive Halloween Special: Tricks for Livestreaming

Best of BeLive Halloween Special: Tricks for Livestreaming

Ep7 - TRICK or TREAT??? The Halloween Special of the Best of BeLive with Ross and Rachel is this Tuesday, 8pm ET, and you definitely need to join us!

The TRICKS will be fabulous, with Ross & Rachel each sharing their own hacks and tips for using BeLive and livestreaming chops to make great broadcasts... plus we'll bring a few of our live viewers on to share their own!

The TREATS??? Thanks to BeLive, a few live viewers will walk away with some free gifts just for showing up. If you know someone who hasn't yet tried BeLive for their broadcasts, tag them below and bring them to the show!

See you for a SPOOKtacular Halloween special of the #BestofBeLive this week!

Hosts: Ross Brand and Rachel Moore

Sponsor: BeLive TV

Originally broadcast on the BeLive TV Facebook Page (779 views, 181 comments)

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Rachel Moore

Hubilo Senior Director

Rachel Moore is currently the senior director of social & broadcast media at Hubilo. Along with Ross Brand, she co-hosted Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel. The show was sponsored by BeLive TV and was livestreamed to the BeLive Facebook Page every Tuesday at 8pm ET. They hosted 46 episodes in 2017 and 2018.