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May 5, 2017

3 Pillars of Success in Business and Life with Mitch Jackson

3 Pillars of Success in Business and Life with Mitch Jackson

#AskTheExpert with lawyer and entrepreneur Mitch Jackson. hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe.

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On #AskTheExpert hosted by Ross Brand of Livestream Universe, attorney, livestream host and entrepreneur Mitch Jackson shared his keys to success from his 30 years in business, his motivations for writing his upcoming book, Overnight Success: How to Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life, and legal tips for people doing business online. Mitch also previewed his talk at Social Media Day San Diego.

Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson, is a veteran in law and business with 30 years of jury trials, business presentations, and speaking experience. Mitch first started to achieve success well before and then during the development of the Internet as we know it. Beginning with his first website back in 1996, Mitch has used the internet and specifically, social media platforms, to expand his sphere of influence on a global level.

Mitch believes that developing a new mindset and disrupting industries are mandatory to ongoing success. Because of the exponential speed of change that exists today, understanding and appreciating this new dynamic has never been more important. The pace and need for change are several reasons why Mitch wrote, “How To Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life!”

Mitch is the co-host of TheShow.Live, a weekly livestreaming interview show on Facebook Live co-hosted with Jennifer Hoverstad. Guests have included Gary Vaynerchuck, David Meerman Scott and Peter Shankman. He recently launched the Mitch Jackson Podcast available on iTunes.

Mitch is a frequent keynote speaker at major tech and social media events including Summit Live, Social Media Day San Diego and Summit on Content Marketing. He leads the #EndDD movement to inform drivers on the dangers of using their cellphones while driving and has had an impact in reducing distracted driving within the livestreaming community. Mitch also runs the Legal Masterminds group.

Find Mitch on Twitter: @MitchJackson.

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Mitch Jackson

The Metaverse Lawyer

Mitch Jackson, Esq. aka The Metaverse Lawyer (MetaverseLawyer.io) has spoken twice at Tony Robbins Business Mastery and is a 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year. His popular LinkedIn Newsletter “Metaverse, Web3, Law and Tech” is recommended by Dori Clark, David Meerman Scott and many others.